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ESSE 2015

July 6th - 11th

Monday 6th
Welcome: Giulio Ecchia, Scientific Coordinator ESSE - University of Bologna (Italy)

15,30 – 17,00

Introduction to ESSE 2015: Andrea Bassi, Managing Director of ESSE – University of Bologna (Italy)
Individualised vs Personalised services. After the welfare state: how to ensure citizenship rights in an age of austerity”


Welcome cocktail

Tuesday 7th

9,30 – 12,30
Dennis R. Young - Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
“Social Enterprise and Personalisation: financing, legal forms, social entrepreneurship and user impact”

12,30 – 14,30

14,30 – 16,30
Silvia Ferreira - University of Coimbra (Portugal)
“Thinking Social Innovation From Complex Problems to Systemic Change. The Case of a Microentrepreneurship Social Incubator”

17,00 – 18,30
Students’ Presentations

Wednesday 8th
          9,30 – 12,30
Stefano Zamagni – University of Bologna (Italy)
“Social impact and well-being”

12,30 – 14,30

14,30 – 19,00
Visit to Italian social enterprise:

Cooperativa Sociale Paolo Babini - Villaggio Mafalda: Italian social co-operative dealing with social services in the Municipality of Forlì. The Cooperativa Sociale Paolo Babini operates in 4 areas: health care, education, labour inclusion, local development and family support.

L’Apebianca: social project promoted by the Italian social co-operative Ecophera and the Consorzio Solidarietà Sociale, a consortium of social enterprises of the Forlì-Cesena district. L’Apebianca is a sharing place where people can meet and buy goods and services. Within the L’Apebianca there are shops which offer innovative and ecological goods and services in different areas (wellness and beauty, social tourism, design, organic food, etc.), a bio restaurant and a conference/meeting room.  

         Social Dinner - L'Apebianca - Forlì
Thursday 9th

9,30 – 12,30
Riccardo Prandini & Matteo Orlandini – University of Bologna (Italy)
“Governance, co-production and personalised services”

12,30 – 14,30

14,30 – 16,30
Martin Routledge – In Control (UK)
“Personalisation in UK. The case study of In Control”

         17,00 – 18,30
         Students’ Presentations
Friday 10th

The Economic Underpinning of Social Innovation - Organised by SIMPACT EUROPEAN RESEARCH PROJECT


9.00 – 9.15
Introduction: working programme and learning objectives - Francesca Rizzo, University of Bologna (Italy)

9.15 – 10.15     
Judith Terstriep - SIMPACT EU PROJECT COORDINATOR, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
“The economic underpinning of social innovation. Theoretical frame and evidences from SIMPACT case studies”

10.15 - 10.30    

10.30 – 11.30
Christoph Kaletka - SI-DRIVE EU PROJECT, Technical University of Dortmund (Germany)
“Social innovation ecosystems. Evidences from SI DRIVE”

11.30 - 12.30    
Open discussion on the projects evidences:

Facilitator: Alessandro Deserti, Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy)

Giulio Ecchia, University of Bologna
Judith Terstriep, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences
Christop Kaletka, TU Dortmund University
Francesca Rizzo, University of Bologna

12,30 – 14,00   

AFTERNOON SESSION - Students working groups

Drawing social innovation business models from case studies

Facilitators: Francesca Rizzo, Alessandro Deserti, Manuela Celi, Maria Kleverbeck – SIMPACT PROJECT

14 .00 -15.30    
SIMPACT selected case studies analysis and reverse engineering

15.30- 16.30     
Extraction and design of business models

16.30 -17.30     
Presentation of the results of the working groups

         17,30 – 18,30
         Students’ Presentations
Saturday 11th

10,00 – 12,30

Round table:

       Andrea Bassi - University of Bologna (Italy)
         Martin Routledge - In Control (UK)
         Dennis R. Young -
Georgia State University (USA)


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